48 hours in: Trolltunga / Bergen

After doing a hiking and a separate kayaking trip in Norway last summer (in 2014) I couldn't wait to for the next opportunity to go back to Norway to explore another fjord region. Trolltunga was always on the top of my list in Norway, and when a free weekend presented itself it was too good to say no!

I had heard the hike to Trolltunga (also known as Troll's Tongue) was an extremely difficult hike hovering around the 10 hour return mark, so I knew I needed decent gear (hiking boots, waterproof jacket etc) to help me get through the hike - every little bit helps right?

To get to Trolltunga we flew into Bergen on Friday night & stayed as close as possible to the airport so we could set off bright & early on the Saturday morning to arrive at Odda with ample time to start & complete the hike. We decided to drive the whole way from Bergen to Odda (route via the bridges, rather than via ferries as this would stop us being at the mercy of ferry timings & anything else going possibly wrong on our journey over - click for map).

The first hour of the hike was everything we expected; a solid hour of climbing up steep rocks which proved to be a good workout.  Stalking Instagram prior to arriving in Bergen we knew people were hiking through snow and we were greeted with this reality at about the 1.5km mark (distance one way was 11km!) After posing for a few (possibly many..) photographs after the uphill & around the snow we slowly trudged our way through the snow, hiking boots were definitely a must in these conditions as they provided a lot more grip on the slippery snow especially on the uphill/downhill bits. We stopped for lunch before we got to the top to re-fuel our bodies & also our spirits; let's just say trudging & non stop slipping in snow kind of gets old after the first km!

When we finally got up to the top & reached our destination of Trolltunga (5 hours later) a few of us hurried off and joined the queue to take our photos on the edge/tip/wherever we wanted to take our pictures on that infamous rock ledge! By the time our group of 8 had managed to get through all the different combinations we wanted to get on the rock, it was a whole 2 hours later. So definitely be prepared for a long wait unless you get there super early (or conversely super late, however then there's a gamble with daylight hours that I would definitely would not want to gamble with, unless you're camping of course! If you're an avid camper, Norway is great for camping as you're essentially allowed to camp anywhere as long as a 'no trace' principle is adopted). By this point in time all we wanted to get home and we managed to power down the hike in 4 hours - it always feels amazing to complete a long hike, definitely an unsurpassed sense of satisfaction at the end :)

We found a small restaurant open in Odda that sold pizzas & burgers (very Nordic I know!) and a cooked meal was eagerly welcomed into our tired bellies. Upon finishing our meal at 1030pm and stepping outside we were all utterly confused with the level of brightness present - the summer sun is definitely something to be experienced if you're ever in that region of the world! Despite that, we all crashed and had as sound of a sleep as you can imagine after an 18 hour day!

Our Sunday was definitely a lot more chilled, with a 830 start rather than a 6am start, and consisted of lots of driving as we made our way back to Bergen while we stopped off at some waterfalls, some more waterfalls, and some different views of the same waterfalls (Voringfoss & Steinsdalsfossen) :) Click for route We finished our journey in Bergen, and delighted in some Norwegian King Crab & prawns while sitting on a public bench admiring the view of Bryggen. I definitely can't fault the end of our trip!

We stayed: Scandic Bergen Airport & Trolltunga Hotel, Flights via: Norwegian Airlines

Images by Matt Chong


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