We created forty eight hours in as a platform for sharing our itineraries for weekend trips that we research heavily before going on. As we will have experienced the good & the bad of our research you'll know that whatever we post is something we've personally enjoyed or wanted to do but may have just missed out on. Our style of travel is to be as adventurous as we can be while enjoying all the fine luxuries in life - whether it be enjoying a fine meal at a particular restaurant, or resting our heads & bodies at new or well established luxurious accommodation the city has to offer. 

Whether you're looking for travel advice, are wondering what itineraries we will be posting next or want to work with us in anything travel related, we'd love to partner with your brands to share with the increasingly growing travel community around the world. Just drop us a note at fortyeighthoursin@gmail.com and we'll see how we go forward from there!